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We have recently improved the BV Clear formula. The improved formula is more effective than before. Based on feedbacks of 52 customers, 94% achieved complete BV clearance by using just 1 pack of BV Clear. One pack has 3 vaginal suppositories. Use 1 every 3 days (or 3 for 9 days). After using the first suppository, the BV odor can often be cleared or reduced. Using the additional two suppositories will provide more assurance that the odor will not return. If you have recurrent BV, we recommend that you use a second box of the NeuEve BV Clear suppositories after the next menstrual period is cleared. This helps stop BV from coming back for a longer time. Unlike some other infections, like chickenpox, which induce immunity. BV is not a true infection. It is a disturbance of vaginal microbial balance. Therefore, BV does not induce immunity. Once you get BV, you may get it again, especially after an antibiotic treatment that disturbs vaginal ecology. Good health maintenance practices can help stop BV from coming back. These include continuous using NeuEve BV Clear, taking probiotic supplements, and avoiding douches, antibiotics, and antiseptics, like boric acid, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, things that disturb vaginal microbial balance by killing the friendly Lactobacillus bacteria. BV has many forms. Some have a fishy odor, and others have just discharges. NeuEve works well to clear the type with fishy odor because when the odor is cleared you know it is effective. But for the type with just discharge, NeuEve may still work but we cannot guarantee its effect as many other conditions, such as yeast and trich, can also cause discharge. If symptoms persist, things other than BV may be involved. You need to visit a gynecologist to have a checkup.

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